All of the official servers have a ping too high, (200+) witch makes them a bad choice, try to run from someone or hit a player with a bow)

Community local server have a good ping and a fair number of players, but, most of them have problems with ADM abuse, instability and late or none updates.

I strongly believe that Latin America, more than 20 countries, has a population of Rust players big enough to get a server (BRAZIL + ARGENTINA only allready covers it). If Facepunch don’t believe so, should see this as an investment.

I would like to hear from a representative.


EDIT: If I wasn’t clear enough, I’m asking for a official server. (Brazil hosting available) (Brazil hosting available)

Come on people, I got a fair point. Can we atleast chat about it? I guess that Latin America players deserve it!

I gave you links to two different companies that offer servers in Brazil.

What’s wrong?

You and your friends could start your own Latin American server and since you guys ran It you would be sure there wasn’t any Admin abuse. Most official servers have minimal to no Admin presence anyways. The first hosting company I linked you gives you the ability to take donations to pay for your server so you could easily share the cost.

Currently there is a recently launched server called “BRAZIL FREELAND” with 64km2 and 500 slots running in fiber optics connection. I guess your problems are solved.

Whats is wrong is that I payed for a game, the idea of still need to play a game isn’t my first option, but tks. Besides this I dont have the time to admin a server, asking for a oficial on I belive that’s a right of any user, to have a proper condition to play.

Still if u want to pay me a server, and become a ADM to a server I will more than happy to play there. ; )

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I belive thats maybe your server? Found a link to it, and its OFF. Have no idea how they can pay for fiber optics but no a site…