What triggers me the most is seeing that i can upgrade latterhachet frame to 1000 armored hp while the hachet can only be at 250hp come on now… Let us upgrade latterhachet to 1000!

You mean Ladder Hatch?.. Do you even English bro?

English is not the only language in the world bro. And in America it’s very rare the kids get to learn it because of auto correct while texting (Their primary form of communication).

Obviously not, but he seems to be able to speak English pretty well in every other post of his I’ve seen so that can’t be used as an excuse.

the first thing i did when i woke up was make this thread sorry i had my eyes half shut

Could be great to be able to up it in armored tier indeed
I agree

Agreed, ladder hatches are currently a weak spot if they manage to get on your roof and blow down, making an armoured hatch would elimate this weak spot altogether.

Lol thats why you use doors.

they really do need an armored hatch. sometimes you HAVE to build one to avoid stairs or because its the only viable option because your base is in a peculiar position(geography wise).

It might become a problem for raiders since they can be built out of reach and hidden so easily. Just becoming the go-to door for base building.

im sure this topic has been raised a few times anyhow

Yet this is an English forum bro.