"LaufenPanzer Division"

:v: dunno.


thanks hammy for the German help, who knows if its right though, were American :v:
(made up the division obviously)

Are the legs disguised as trees?


I see it

Picture isn’t showing up for me

Armor-Run Division, Nice idea I like it

laufenpanzer? that doesnt make any sense.

how cunning.

why cant everyone just speak american

Maybe because there is no such thing as american, only english.
(thank the chaos for that :sweatdrop:)

As for the title and picture:
My guess is, you wanted to label it as “walking Tank Division” or “Walker Division”.
The best translation, which makes sense and fits perfectly is “**Lauf-**Panzer Division”.

The T-39 Bogatyr fits well enough to the technology-design of the '40s although the L5 Riesig might have fitted aswell, if just for the name.

If you’re going by language name, then yes.
You are wrong in the way there is no such thing as “american” once you take the oh so important Dialect into mind.
American English, British English, the list goes on.

very good

this brings me back to the days where battlefield 2142 actually worked

Thanks guys :slight_smile: