Launch a custom gamemode.

This might sound stupid, but I can’t find a way to launch a gamemode other than sandbox. I remember that in the old days when I recently bought Garry’s Mod I could launch the gamemode just by making few clicks on “create multiplayer” after selecting a map. But now I can’t find it.
Could anybody tell me how to run a custom gamemode on multiplayer or singleplayer?

Yeah, he sadly deleted it. I didn’t understand it at first either.

No he didn’t. Click the ‘tool’ icon on the right side of the window.

Ohhhhhhhhhh, so that’s where it is :smiley:
Thanks a lot.

Actually, I had this issue at first as well.
I had just gotten back from taking a break from GMod, only to notice that I couldn’t load a custom gamemode. I got pissed and asked around on steam, but people just laughed at me…
Then I noticed the little icons on the side…

I’m an idiot.