Launch crash after few seconds.

Hi guys!

I need your help, I buyed Gmod yesterday, after installing the game i launch im, but after 3-5 seconds i return to the desktop, no error message, nothing.

I have Rust installed, CSS, TF2, CS:GO, HL2:DM and Lost Coast, Insurgency 2 and Portal First Slice on my Steam librairy, i tried to ré-install the game, added to my firewall, stopping my antiviral software, Cleaning my registry and other stuff like that but don’t work and still the same problem.

Can you guys help me please?



Bonjour! You don’t need to have Rust installed for Garry’s Mod, they’re completely separate games. However, for the others you mentioned Garry’s Mod can load data from them. What anti-virus/firewall software are you using? I know there are some that cause the game to crash to desktop, even when they’re supposedly “disabled”. Do games like CSS work ok? Also, you can try closing Steam then going into the Steam folder and deleting the files that end with “.blob”, then open Steam and see if Garry’s Mod works