Launch gmod with workshop addons (*.gma) disabled?

Hi there!

As I’ve started to develop my own addons and gamemodes I’ve started to become aware to the amount of time I waste waiting for a map to load because I have too many addons installed. Therefore, I bring my requests and needs to the lovely people of… Facepunch.

So? My question to you:

EDIT: --Snip-- Sorry!

Dude, what kind of help you expect if you take all of us as inferior to yourself?

If the addons are not loading, then obviously they are not affecting your load times.

You can’t launch the game without the workshop.

If you can’t connect to Internet, all your .gmas will be loaded, regardless of whether they are enabled or not.

You can disable all or some of your addons in the Addons menu.

We’re the ones with tiny brains yet you’re the one having issues with your brain. Makes sense :V