Launch to close

  • Intel Quad core Extreme
  • 4gb
  • GTX260
  • Vista 64x

Not that any of the above has to do with anything. I’ve played garry’s mod on this computer many times, except i have a 1600x1050 monitor that would always give it trouble trying to load full screen. I also have an appendix screen which is a Mimo mini-monitor. Now every time I load the game (right after closing a working game once) it launches to a windowed screen whether I ask it to or not and then closes immediately.
I’ve reinstalled steam, deleted my blob, deleted the garry’s mod folder 6 or more times, restarted everything from the computer to the modem trying to fix this.

If you alt-tab out of the game while it loads it tends to do this. The only suggestion I have for you is that you
rightclick garry’s mod
general tab
set launch options
and then type in