Launcher DLL Problem

Garry’s Mod gives me an error whenever I launch it somethin bout DLL missing?? can anyone help!

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This happens to me too, no idea what it is, or how to fix it.

im going to try reinstalling windows

No no no dont reinstall windows, wait for an Update from Valve.

Try deleting System32.dll
That’s what’s holding up the launcher.

is that really the cause?! because it has .dll in the name where is “System32.dll”

facepalm He was joking with you, its a problem with source update, look on the link >.<

Don’t. just don’t. Wait for Valve to release an update.

Even Garry himself has this problem?!?! wow this is bad surely someone knows the fix

He’s joking, System32 is the main part of your computer and it controls actions like start up and shutdown. You can’t delete it even if you want to, it’ll give you an error if you try.

You can’t be serious.

I tried to call valve to hlep every1

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I have news everyone, valve has been called they are fixing with garry!!!

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