*Launching 1/18* [US]RustHaven::PvPSleep::OxideMods::1/4Craft::Wiped-1/18

Tired of looking for a good Rust Server? Then look no further! Rust Haven is a high performance Oxide server with all the best features here for your gaming pleasure. By playing on Rust Haven you will enjoy good competition and dedicated admins that are here for your administrative needs. Skilled FPS Players are welcome!

[US] || RustHaven || PvPSleep–OxideMod–1/4Craft–Wiped:1/18
● Texas Server
● Dedicated Admins
● Events
● Clan Wars
● Oxide
● Skilled FPS Players Welcome

Server Mechanics:
● PvP Sleepers
● 1/4 Craft
● Door Sharing
● Starter Kits
● No Craft C4
● Quests
● Timed Airdrops
● Removal Tool

Chat Features:
● Chat History
● PMs
● Player List
● Group Chat
● Ticket System
● Map Location

Get your clan, party, team or village together. Because Rust Haven is live and its time for you and/or your friends to to get started on that epic safe house or village.

Rust Haven is LIVE!

To connect, get in-game and press F1 then type or paste:
net.connect rusthaven.net:28000

For more information join our steam group and message any of the admins.

played on this server many times. The admins are nice as fuck, The plugins are nice as fuck, and the community is nice as fuck. 10/10 would recommend to anyone playing.

Great Server, active admins and 50+ primetime EST. Good ping from FL. net.connect rusthaven.net:28065 new addy