Launching Rusts+ Connecting to server Resets my DNS

As title says, ive loaded the gamer up and suddenly all my internet drops and teamspeak disconnect.

i load my chrome up to try to be greated by


and another dns error i didnt manage to copy.

However this is not my internet, i have a stable 100mbs virgin line in my house. As soon as i launch rust it resets.

Shed any light why this is?

Like seriously WTF??

Here is a video showing the error n stuff

The server list temporarily demands server statuses from the server list and this can temporarily overwhelm connections. Make sure you don’t refresh the server list repeatedly. I have a feeling this is why the server list currently only shows 200 entries instead of the full list.

I bet if you wait 2 minutes the congestion will clear up and your Internet’ll run fine. The devs are aware of the server list’s current inefficiencies.

Hmm sounds plausable, stiill strange that it pipes my connection.

It happens when u first load the server list, not when refreshing.

Any idea how to limit this in the meantime until they fix it?>