Lava in Hammer?

Is there away to make lava in hammer? I’m guessing it would be a texture, but i’m sure vale would add a lava texture because they have water. Whats the best way to make lava? And if I need to make the texture it doesn’t move and it looks bad. :\

Try that:

Thanks, looks good does the texture work good for CS:S too? Or CS:GO only has these updates?

I don’t know. But flowmaps are from Portal 2 engine.

The best option instead that is make this texture animated or use proxies (TextureScroll, for $basetexture with LightmappedGeneric shader.

Yea looks like vale didn’t add that for CS:S

[editline]15th September 2015[/editline] it looks like this.

There are no Lava textures naturally in any source game, go and download one from somewhere like gamesbanana and bspzip it into the map

Flowmaps are supported in CS:GO, but not in CS:S.