Lavacano's Madhouse

Because the old one is AWOL, and probably full of retards anyway.

[release]Lavacano’s Madhouse
Slots: 10
Game Content: All
Wire: Yes (SVN, proper install, etc)
Noclip: Yes


  1. Don’t be a minge (prop spam, etc)
  2. If someone asks you to stop messing with their shit, don’t mess with their shit.
  3. Don’t use racist terms, even remotely.
  4. Don’t micspam unless you have permission to do such.
  5. Don’t reconnect to undo an admin action (mute, gimp, etc.). This doesn’t apply to kicks. (hurr)
  6. Random Deathmatching is not allowed.
  7. Don’t spawn Antlion Guards. Damn things fuck with other players, and I don’t know how to disable them yet.
  8. There will be no drama. I run a build server, not a Broadway show.

[release]FAQ (or, “Questions I You’re Going to Ask”)

Isn’t this the server with the 85 gazillion files to download?
Nope, cleaned it. All the files should either be small little things or serverside (unless you don’t have Wire or PHX)

Isn’t this the server with the admin that bans you for looking at him funny?
I fired that one.

Isn’t this the server with no admins on ever?
Not anymore.

Isn’t this that one DM server?
Random deathmatch is against the rules, if you’d bother to read them.

What addons do you have?
[/li][li]Realistic CSS Weapons 4/0
[/li][li]And probably some other tools I’m forgetting

So, if you aren’t a DM server, explain the CSS weapons.
There is a difference between “DM server” and “server that allows little wars”. If you and your buddy want to DM against each other, no problem, just don’t include people that don’t want to be included.

[ insulting/derogatory/degrading comment about the server, it’s owner, or any of it’s community ]
You don’t like us, you can just fuck right off. This will NOT be a flame thread, I will be sure to [nag the mods incessantly to] remove any flaming, trolling, etc I find here.

How old are you anyway?
16, I’m a girl, and I’m from Cali. Now unless you wanna cyber, leave me alone about it.

Quick, to the Heavy-mobile!
do you still have superman 2?

So basically a regular sandbox server

oow a girl :v:

nah joke.

i shall take a look on this server

if only the Sgt. Smiles was still in te A.M.S. I would’ve had some fun yesterday.

C’mon, that’s what made the Madhouse cool when it started. People just flying dead bodies around. I had people come in and kill themselves just to do that.

Pretty much

/-EDIT-\ Love how this section wasn’t meant for advertising, yet someone moved this AD THREAD into it.