Lavender Town Server Battle Royale

Hello everyone, in about 5 minutes my first official Battle Royale will begin. If you’d like to join us here is the IP/Port: Afterwards I’ll be holding a vote for people to decide how the server will play for the next month. You can find the vote posting in the group Rust - Lavender Town on Steam. Hope to see you on. Here’s the info/rules:

Every month I will wipe the server completely. The date of the wipe will be the first of every month. The day before the wipe we will have a Battle Royale. If you are online when it starts you will be given 30 minutes prior to the wipe to have some fun. I’ll spawn everyone in full armor, weapons, food, medkits, and possibly mods. Details below.

The fastest way to get into the fight will be to pick an area, then run to it. Last time was the Hangar. I will do my best to teleport you to the fight as I will be invisible, and recording the battle. You’ll know where I am by looking for the floating M4. I’m wearing admin armor, and that is why I’m invisible.

I’ll have people vote on the location to fight, but you don’t have to go there, or be teleported. However I’ll try my best to help, just ask for a teleport and be patient as I port people. If you get ported, run off so I can port more. Camping the port area will get you shot by me. Every Battle Royale recorded will be in the comment below, and posted as soon as they upload.

RULES: Battle Royale is a free-for-all event. You may team up, but no one is safe. I will not participate aside from spawning gear, and recording. If you don’t want to participate, log off, come back in 30-45 minutes, and the server will be wiped, and good to go. This is meant to be friendly. Last one went extremely smooth, and everyone had a great time. The chat was flooded with GG’s, friendly competition, bounties, and kill counts. It was a lot of fun, and I hope you all join us.





-Flashlight Mod

-Holographic Sight


556 x1000

Shotgun Shells x1000


Kevlar Helmet, Vest, Pants, Boots


Cooked Chicken Breast x250


Large Medkit x 10


Bed x 2


Explosive Charge x20


F1 Grenades x20


Mass Air Drop spam, which will more than likely lag out the server, then I will wipe it.

*Note: Teams are allowed, you may bring and fight with whatever you want. You do not have to participate. I will be generating all that throughout the 30m. Make sure to empty your inventory to get them all and what you need. Make sure to let me know when you’ve died so I can spawn you some armor, weapons, kits, etc.