Law abiding engineer


This is a movie I found in relevance to the Law Abiding Citizen Trailer. I’m not sure how many people seen this but if you have not, it is a must see video.

About 2-3 months late.

If I saw the movie late, there are other people who have seen it late also.

2 mins and 40 seconds of pure win

Yes, it’s probably one of my favorite Tf2 videos.

You’re still late. It was even in a valve announcement.

I did not get that announcement. Like I said, not everyone on FP has seen it.

It’s unlikely that many people haven’t

That was fucking intense.

The lateness of Kurit? Yup

Being late is not an issue, not everyone has seen the movie, that’s just you being pessimistic again.

Kurit why would you post a video you didn’t make?
you can always have posted it in the other video section, the one for random videos and non gmod…

I mean no one els in this section dose this…
its frowned apon, even if you do put in bold at the top “didn’t make”
also its late.

I actually haven’t seen it 0.o

Good video, huh?

  1. This video is old
  2. You didn’t even say you didn’t make it.

I’ve seen it but why the hell are you people complaining about the oldness? It’s only fucking 2 months old so I hope you’re all trolling or something.

1.and? I haven’t seen it

  1. you are stupidly blind, it is even in bbold aswell

Great observation, take a look at the first line, the one in bold print. i shouldent have to point this out.

GMod Videos section isn’t for videos you didn’t make that aren’t in GMod.

Says who, Corky?