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[editline]4th March 2014[/editline]

I have to say, this is a great server. Sure we all heard that before… BUT… On this server it is the survival of the fittest… And yes that is Rust in a nutshell… BUT… How many rust servers have their own law enforcement.
The server is still new and need to be shaped. And that were we players come in. I started as a new player on the server, and the owner took me under his wing. Sure I had to run errands, farm. But the amazing thing was how he build up a small town by himself.
Now all the new player who want to join the town get jobs assigned, guard duty, scout, Guildmember and so on…
And once in a while the Association is giving us missions and if we succeed. We get rewarded.

So come on in and join the town or create your own. The choice is yours :smiley: