Lawless - Community Driven Gamemode

Alright, so no big fancy presentation just yet because the gamemode is in no visual state at the moment but I have a few screenshots today to put here.

Anyway, the point of this thread is to ask you guys for your help with the design of quests, HUD’s, GUI, etc.

Basically the gamemode is about Combine vs Rebels, but wait, it’s not the traditional HL2 kinda thing. I’m taking this in the direction you guys want.

The features consist of:
Dynamic Quest System(Already started. Visuals are a bit iffy atm.): Quests can be randomly created at any time and as a quest is completed it can trigger a new quest to created in response to that one.

Leveling System: Consists of skill trees, no classes, you develop your character how you want.

2 Factions(Already started.): You are NOT restricted to one character. Your skills and money stick with you, so if you join in and you feel like playing as a Combine when you were once a rebel, go for it!

Inventory System: MIGHT consist of dynamic weapons, not sure though.

Territory system: Capture territories and bring in some type of benefits from them.

Intimidating NPCs: Rebels can intimidate owners of shops and it’ll assist their faction/gang with discounts or special items.

Now the gamemode is very early in development so there isn’t too much to show, but it’s enough to prove that this isn’t a ideas thread.

So yeah, this is what I have so far, there’s a lot more things done internally rather then visually but the reason I made this thread is to ask you guys for ideas. Let your imaginations run wild!

Thanks for reading!

Looking nice so far man, If you need help just ask.

So like…and RPG? Or has some RPG elements in it?

It’ll have RPG elements but I’m aiming more for a faction battle type thing, like lots of action.

You should decrease the alpha for the overlay, it seems a bit too dark.

Will do.

Started working on the territory system less than an hour ago, here’s what I’ve got going:

Is this going to be like…fast paced deathmatch type thing. Or a long drawn out thing like Heroes and Generals. Like wars.

Finally, something I actually would want to host a server with!

Seems like an interesting concept. Can’t wait to see where it goes.

Remember to please make sure that the leveling system is noob friendly, otherwise the game mode might die.

Going more for a wars type thing, so quests can develop depending on how the players on the server do things.

Now you got me hooked into this.

Decided to make the territories more of a tech type thing. In order to take control you must input the lock code into the terminal to take control. You can find the code out through a special quest for it or by getting a hacking device.

If you are in control of the territory, you can use the terminal to set the new code.

I liked your design from the pictures in the first post,
but the window in your latest screens …

The background is not dark enough,
and the “2” in the 2nd picture, you can barely see it.

It’s the same elements in all of the pictures, there is no difference. What you’re seeing is the effect that the buttons make when clicked which you see until you let go of the mouse button.

Oops, yeah.
Well I still think that the background is not dark enough and you can barely see it. (Light-Grey + Light-Blue is not a good combination I think)

Looks interesting

is there a Shia LaBeouf class?


PLZ MAKE A ENGINEER KIND OF CLASS. I always fucking love games where is like a Tech or Engineer kind of class and they can build like turrets and shit