Lawliet's trophy truck

Don’t kill me in the face for stealing your idea Butler :smiley:

Well anyway, this is my truck:

It has all the usual stuff like realistic steering and suspension and sounds but the sound has “gears” which is just that when the truck goes faster, the e2 makes the sound emitter’s pitch relative divide by a bigger number

Yes my nick here is Ldesu but on steam I’m Glt |. Lawliet so that’s why it says Lawliet’s trophy truck :expressionless:

As Xro asked and Kp3 answered the map is gm_bajarama



You’re also called lars :smiley:

looks nice dawg

looks really nice, does it have extremely long suspension travel & live axle rear?

hmm looks like fun / Map name?

hey i’m gonna kill you in the face

Wow, looks awesome!

It’s awesome, the map is awesome too. (Gm_bajarama if somebody is wondering).

Great job

I just used suspension like in your tutorial but the wheels go all the way up to the top of the wheel wells so long enough for a trophy truck :smiley:

oh shi-

Looking awesome, and videos?

Holy shit that map is incredible.

Not a big fan of the trophy truck. Real trophy trucks have independent front suspension and live action suspension in the back. The travel is around 34 in the back and 28 in the front. The look of your truck is nice though, good work.

oh sup de-

wat is this

maybe sometime but… not on my current “to do” list :smiley:

I like the inside. And the cage windows, looks good.

pretty nice except the front kinda looks like the back cause of its protrudeyness

protrudeyness… what does that mean? o_O

I’m norwegian ._.

it’s too long

oh yeah I’ll probably remake this or something. This is my very first trophy truck :stuck_out_tongue:

its never too long.