Laws Coding Help Needed!

I am in need of an LUA coder who can create a Law board, so instead of the /placelaws command for the RP server, it is /laws, and instead of a big law board prop, there is an agenda like box in the top right for all players that shows the laws.
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If nobody knows how to do this, I am looking for a way so at least the /placelaws Board is saved on the map, and constantly there, whether there is a mayor or not, so since the Mayor spawns in his office, he doesn’t have to go on the streets and risk dying to spawn boards.

for the low price of 2$00 i can do this for you

How much? $2.00 ?

Place in a serverside file.
Example: init.lua

function darkrp_laws()
local LB = ents.Create(“darkrp_laws”)
hook.Add( “InitPostEntity”, “PlaceLawBoard”, darkrp_laws)