Layer Crosshair - Create your own crosshair in a simple UI! No DL yet

I’ve just heavily modified a LUA Addon that allows to choose a simple-texture crosshair in a list. So please note that not all credit goes to me. I still need to share this prototype with the original author, but because of my newbieness, I can’t send Private Messages yet to him until I accomplished some achivement in this forum…

This addon is directly inspired from the Half-Life 2 mod called “HL2Wii”, which allows to control the game with a Wiimote. This game has a custom crosshair interface. When I first played this game, I thought that I should look for a crosshair addon (it was the time I had zero experience of LUA) to see if someone ported that concept to Gmod. Now that I can do some basic LUA, I thought that I could give it a try.

Ok that’s all for the background story, the summary is: “This is as condensation of different people’s work.”

The crosshair creation basically work like this:
You have 5 layers and 9 textures. Select the first layer, choose a texture, resize, rotate, change the color, change the opacity, and select another layer, do the same with another configuration.
There are many possibilities.

For example, spawn a square, rotate it 45 degrees, spawn a filled square with low opacity, rotate it 45 degrees, spawn a dot, color the three. You got a new crosshair!

-There is no translation of the layers. I don’t think it is required.
-You can’t move a layer up/down.
-There is not yet dynamism of crosshair, like flashing to white on gun fire, size change on suit zoom, rotation of the crosshair depending on the orientation of the player, slight rotation of the crosshair depending on the camera movement, or crosshair size depending on the distance to target.

The addon is still in a prototype status and I have to know if I can just give credit/share to the people I borrowed the concepts of If I should contact them to ask for permission. Still, my next priority is to add the dynamic behaviours of the crosshair!

Then, no download yet!

Great work - that looks pretty cool so far.

I’d advise on cleaning up that context panel if you can, though, since it looks rather busy.

what map is that


Good choice of music, too.


I want that map.

Awesome what interface is that (the time and direction thing) ?

I’ve seen some crossairs that rotate when you rottate, perhaps an option to do so.

I made a 3D compass crosshair, I can PM it if you you want.

I just quickly browsed all threads made by you. Keep up the good work. Word of advice: Don’t rush it! Countless projects have been ruined by this.

That’s a very cool idea, but I’d suggest a more advanced method of having multiple layers than just having lots of possible layers ready for use (I know it’s difficult, but it would be better in the long-term).

Oh my… I want that so bad.

Keep up the good work.

The map is gm_storm I think.

Looking good. You definitely have my download once it’s released. :smiley:

gm_flatgrass_storm is the map.
Looks nice, but I don’t think I’ll ever use it.

This is really late, but anyway…
I think that you might want to try to ask him soon and see if it would be okay with him. This could be useful, for people who enjoy deathmatch.

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Looks nice, good work.

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