Laying foundations

I find this very buggy. I start laying my foundation, then all of a sudden I reach an area that I cannot put a foundation piece. This really screws up my planning and wastes resources. Are there any resolutions or tips?

Is it because the foundation is too high? Or is this a reasonably level plot you’re building on?

There is a slope is some of the cases yes

I’d imagine you’re trying to place the foundation too high off the ground. They only place to about the height of a newman. If you’re building on a slope, I’d either start at the lowest end of the slope, where you want the building to end, and place the foundation as high as possible then as long as you move up the slope, every foundation will definitely place (until they end up underground).
Or, you can use foundation steps to connect foundations of different heights. You need to be on the foundation and place the step up the slope, a higher foundation will then be able to click to the foundation step. It can be a bit awkward closing the gap between them though.
Placement is a bit buggy at the moment, and sometimes pieces will appear red when you know they’re placeable. If you don’t think it’s too high, try placing the foundation from different angles.


Starting at the lowest point and building inward is the best way. I was experimenting and was able to build foundations that went so deep it took 3 pillars before one came out of the ground.

The other way is to use foundation stairs to get down lower, place a foundation off of that, break the stairs, and then you have a lower level to place more foundations onto.