laz0r weapon

EDIT: a frend has made it for me so thes case is closed

admins may close this thred now


duesnt matter what you think you cant even make sweps

I can, but why am I replying to a troll.

Just get the minigun, change the primary tracer to “Laser” or “LaserTracer” (Or what ever the name for it is) and play a custom sound on secondary.

(I agree with “no.”)

even if u can its way to advanced for you

is that what tracers and stuff do? I’m still recoding that code you lent me, and i’ve just figured out how to use sounds and stuff. (im still grateful)

Is this what you’re talking about?:

the 1 im taking about is not made i was wondering if some one
could make it for me but aprintly ppl dont want to help me

mostly. (i know him personally) He could just change the model on that one…then he would be happy…

Could you post this code?

well the friend that made it was Taco Ninja so u are going to ask him

I just changed the model on the shoop da whoop swep. Do you still want me to post it?

why not?

in case you could’ve done it yourself. I cant upload now, though…i gotta reinstall ALL my games…