"Laziestnoob is a hacker!!!!" (stream snipers welcome)

so today ive been called a hacker… but this isn’t unusual for me. what was different was a group of 4-5 kids decided to pursue it for hours.
im not going to name and shame, but i will take up your offer. now i do stream for myself to save good plays and such for youtube, but never for the only purpose of streaming…

so for the next few hours ill stream myself playing. ill save this and post it here after. just gonna be running around like i always do as a bandit and see if kids continue to say im a evil l33tz haxor.
feel free to join if you are bored. feel free to join if you think im a haxor. or feel free to stream snipe me… i accept the challenge.

(User was banned for this post ("crap thread/missed the livestream thread" - postal))

stop hacking if you don’t want to be called a hacker

all done :slight_smile:

so i kill people ingame = hacker

soo… i stream and people still complain. GG. was fun

Lazy is just a boss at this gamr

lol laziest i have the same problem :/. Just kids 12 years or haters.

This is not uncommen u know? have u seen all the immature people on there, its like a feast for Herbert

It’s the internet, these things happen. People rage.
Try not to take it too personal and you’ll have a better time. :wink:

Why are you making such a big deal out of it? Everyone gets hackused, at this point you’re just looking for even more attention, it’s very transparent. Get a grip.

It doesn’t matter if they accuse you now that it is on steam, they have anticheat, or so I have heard. You get caught, you get VAC, GG.

Streamers hack too they just pay for their hacks that are undetected and dont show up on stream!

I’ll agree Laziest doesn’t hack, but boy, he sure does like to use those exploits.

stop trying to promote your crappy stream

Well obviously he exploits lol everyone knows that but does he hack is the question? haha

Do you think we could maybe have a megathread for calling people out for hacking instead of 20 new “X is a hackerrr!! omg” threads every day

Who cares?

Making a thread about it won’t change a thing, no one cares.

Sick of seeing these type of threads.

how is this promoting a stream? i dont stream. this is the 1 time i publicly streamed for people… and its over so i wont be doing it anymore

love kids who post these comments but dont look into the context of the OP. yes. im advertising a stream channel that is over and well never be used again. your a fucking genius!

I think it would be easy to not hack and stream for a day to clear your name. Streaming doesn’t mean anything lol

BlackRain, you’re a hacker too, learn to play the game. Laziestnoob hacks too, he noclipped into my friends house (the on that lived in the hangar, brandanbrown) don’t even try to deny it.

I’m pretty sure there already is a megathread for talking about hackers.

Maybe you decide to stream and play fair while streaming to try and trick the heat off yourself.