Lazy Summer - panzers rolling through a field

posed/composed by Rossmum:


just thought i’d show i’m still alive, even if i don’t do my own posing anymore

critiques n that please.

ps. i hate those glasses and they are compositionally irritating and distracting and i should have removed them

Sexy camo on those Panthers.

The Panther is a tank. It is also German. It is a German tank. It is a panzer.

Who cares.
Yeah, it looks great,except the glasses. I have a chilling feeling that this dude is staring right into my soul


thank you

Panzerkampfwagen V Panther

Looking good.

The Tank on the right is really cool

good to know the composition has worked out in this respect then

calling it a panzer would be pedantic as well, might as well as call it a tank.

I’m going to call it a vehicle :colbert:

Heavily armoured automobile.

it’s a box with wheels and a gun

This is cool. Glad to have you back, Chesty.

What’s up with these glasses? he looks like groucho marx, haha

it’s liam gallagher pretending to be john lennon. gawd.

Lazy Leggett.
Nice edit and color tone.

chesty i love you and i love what you have done to my picture

when can we make babies? i can do any day wednesday through saturday

too tired. did a back and bis session today so i can’t rod as hard. we’ll do it on thursday xoxo