lazyaim.disable true - console command

Hey folks,

I don’t know how you feel about that so called lazyaim. I’m used to the “bare” or “raw” aim, not only in rust but in all the shooters I play. I already hated mouse smoothing but this is way worse. IMO this only makes sense for joypads and I only seen it on console games so far.
Please give players the opportunity to just disable it in settings or via console command…

As the devblog specifically points out, this also defeats people putting a dot on their screen to have an undetectable artificial crosshair. Making that something that can be disabled client-side defeats the entire point.

Should still be a server option imho. Choice, nothing wrong with that is it?

The devblog also specifically states: “Have a play with it and let us know what you think.”

your command lazyaim.disable true doesnt work, i dont know what you are talking about. there are no command to disable lazy aim, what a dumb title.

@elix: Thanks for pointing this out to me, now that makes a little more sense :slight_smile:

@louisclub: The small picture next to the title reads: “request”.
If you read the 2 sentences I wrote, you would have understood that I want a console command to disable that lazyaim.