=LB= Linxbuild l Serious GModRP l PHX l WIRE l PCMOD l Friendly Admins l

Hello and welcome to =LB=Linxbuild servers facepunch advertisement page. We have 2 running servers: — GModRP (USA) (Evocity)
& — Serious DarkRP (UK) (gm_construct)
****************** — Fretta (currently inactive) (UK) (fretta)

We are a small friendly community whom wish to provide the best garrysmod experience possible. We don’t sell admin, we only give it under vast investigation of course. Meaning no adminging! All our servers our serious, if you don’t play properly… you’ll be kicked following a ban if you persist not RP’ing and messing about.

Any questions or responses feel free to post.

Our website is http://linxbuild.t83.net/ This has the latest news on our server ect… (news page is a drop-box from the about page).

Thanks for reading… hope to see you soon!

Serious DarkRP? What are you smoking? Secondly, its on gm_construct. Get out, the door is over there.

Yes… serious Darkrp, with constant admin’ing it’s possible, your just to small minded to realize it, seriously try typing some constructive feedback instead of the flaming.

Calling roflwaffle small minded will result in you clearly being retarded and your server will be DDOSd

RoFLWaFFLEZZ, I don’t care who you are; nobody is above the rules.
The rules clearly state that if you are going to criticize, be constructive in your criticism. Flaming is most definitely not the right way to go.

I realize that seeing tons and tons of poor advertisements of semi-serious DarkRP servers may take its toll but that does not mean that we get to treat people like dirt. New people should be welcomed and helped, not flamed and scorned. How about suggesting ways to improve the community, the server and the approach/advertisement itself rather than just saying: “Your community sucks because of this and that”.

Let him know what to improve but also let him know what he could use instead.

Calling him small-minded was not a nice thing to say. Everyone is entitled to their opinion, even if it’s one that you do not agree with. Trying to flame him back is not going to get you anywhere either.

Instead of insulting him, you should try to explain why you think it would work; try to prove him wrong, instead of trying to insult him.

I’m NOT flaming, I am stating the truth.

Even though I agree with Myrrdin about the flaming. There isnt much grounds for DarkRP to be called “Serious”, but default. It is the steps you take… blah blah. But I must admit having it on gm_construct, is not a good idea. Try Evo City, Townsend, Etc.