=LB=LinxBuild SpaceBuild Stargate style!

Hello i’m evilweevil and i’m here advertising my new 30 slot Spacebuild server.

It will be running SB3 With all the needed addons, AND all the Stargate addons. Including Ronan Dex’s puddle jumper V3 (and the official when released). We will be playing on the map new worlds 2. http://www.garrysmod.org/downloads/?a=view&id=59207

Also our official clan website:

Our website needs heavy updates so please don’t bother insulting it yet, unless I’ts about the layout

Hoping to see you online! Post all your questions below.


Ok now here i have one of the videos i created on our server, i disabled some mods temporarily for the efficiency of the video.

If you are wondering the server will be back up tomorrow if all goes well.

Just what I was looking for.
A server in the US and Stargate addons.

Sorry to burst your bubble, but the title says “WildWest RP” and the map is also a “Rp_”.

And he uses fake clients.

Anyone who uses that fake client scam should be fucking castrated.

And god knows I’d drag whoever INVENTED IT behind a horse drawn carriage BYby the balls.