LBP2 styled microchip for use with Wire

As we all know and are no doubt aware, E2 sucks complete and total ass. It’s a mingebag field day, extremely annoying to accomplish things that are simple with gates, and it crashes servers constantly. What we need is an alternative. I thought the way LBP2 handled this sort of thing was wonderful:

Why can’t we have something like that? You right click the chip and a big thing pops up, and you put the gates and sensors on that and wire them together. You then wire the inputs and outputs to the “edge” and those become the inputs and outputs to the chip. Any sensors like gyroscopes, speedometers and GPSes return values relative to the microchip.

Why doesn’t this exist? It’d be much better than E2.

It’s E2 but with a big GUI, that’s all.

A big GUI that is way more advanced than it needs to be.

What E2 needs is better security, not a replacement. That or you just remove E2 from your server and say “Use gates to build your stuff, not E2. Thanks.”

If someone takes this on, I wish you luck.

I think Aska is making something like this with “Check’Em”