[LC ULib ERROR] Received invalid sound R

I’ve been trying to get my sounds on my server to work. I have quite a few sounds i would love to play and use in different ways. It is a TTT server (If that somehow helps.)

I have all of my sounds in garrysmod/sound/

I have the correct bitrate for .wavs and .mp3’s

I have tried both mp3’s AND .wav’s

I already have people download the file automatically when they join. This is probably not the problem.

I’m using ULX command “ulx playsound song.wav” in console. Any tips, or anything i could try would be very appreciated. I’ve tried looking around on the forums before posting, because nobody likes solving the same issue a million times, believe me, i know. Anyways, here’s what i’m getting in console:

] ulx playsound blood.mp3
You played sound blood.mp3
[LC ULib ERROR] Received invalid sound

Thanks in advance.