LCZ Mod - Counter-Strike: Global Offensive mod which brings classic UT & Quake DM & CTF mechanics into the game

Current version: 1.1, Last update: 29 Aug 2016

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The mod is aimed at mappers and players interested in fast-paced arena shooters and offers an easy, standartized way to build maps using mechanics and elements found in these games.

Almost all of the game logic is handled using original Squirrel 2 (VScript) framework. These scripts and other resources of LCZ Mod are then included into the BSP file, allowing your CTF or DM map to be easily shared.

As a mapper, you don’t have to worry about scripting part: It’s not required to know anything about VScript in CS:GO or the Squirrel language. There is number of convenient Hammer instances and prefabs for all the new entities, like jumping pads, health pickups, weapons and other power-ups.

Finally, as a player or server admin, you do not need any server plugins or specific configuration. All you have to do is drop .bsp file into the maps folder or subscribe to a workshop map which uses LCZ Mod.

Enough words for now, have a look at the trailer which shows off all the new features:

Check out the Demo map featured in the trailer!

Currently implemented gamemodes are:

  • DM / Deathmatch - Simple FFA mode without teams, players gain score by killing each other.
  • TDM / Team Deathmatch - Deathmatch with separation of players into 2 teams.
  • CTF / Capture The Flag - Team Deathmatch + One or more flags per team. Players can gain score for themselves and their team by stealing the flag from the enemy base and bringing it to their own capture zone.

Mod Homepage

Download Minimal Mapper’s Pack | Download from GitHub

Guides & Tutorials:
Installation Guide | CTF Level Tutorial | Creating New Weapon Spawn | Packing LCZ Resources | Entity list

…And some backstory -

After creating a couple of CS:GO levels (this and that), which featured quite a number of arena shooter gameplay elements, I decided to make a pack of reusable power-up & gameplay entities. It didn’t start as a project of something to be used by everyone; rather, as I worked on this new set of entities for my future arena maps, it began to feel like a damn shame to simply keep it to myself. And several months later this ended up as a game mod with proper documentation, incorporating common Quake/UT gamemodes with original props and convenient Hammer instances and prefabs that’d be easy to use for other mappers as well.

I know it’s not quite a “map” release, however I noticed a release of door pack for mappers in this section and figured it’d be the right choice.

Please share your impressions and suggestions for improvements.

Updated to version 1.1 with new flag drop sound, instance settings & few bugfixes.