[LD] Fresh 23/08 | x5 Gather Instacraft More Loot TP/Homes

Welcome to Lee’s Dungeon.

I’m Enliven, I’m one of the founders of Lee’s Dungeon. If you’re wondering why it’s called Lee’s Dungeon, it’s because it’s named after a friend who we think has a secret dungeon in his house.

We’re excited to show you our server, it was created on 23/08/2014, and we really think it’s super cool! We’ve got some awesome mods that improve your experience!

To join, go in-game, open up the console by pressing F1 then paste this:



  • Starter Kits. You get a few items from us when you start, just giving you that extra help surviving the adventure.
  • x5 Gather, so you get much more loot from wood piles and rock compounds.
  • Custom Loot, you get much more loot that you normally would. We’ve found the perfect balance so that not everyone has bolt actions/m4’s.
  • Kevlar is limited. It’s dropped by admins, every so often, so you’ll have to find who’s got it, and claim it as your own!
  • Home teleports. You can create two homes, and teleport to them.
  • Teleport to your friends! You can teleport between friends at the ease of a request.
  • Door sharing! We’ve made sharing a house with friends easier. No more entering codes, you can now share doors!
  • Ownership! Ever accidently placed something that you couldn’t remove? Now you can remove anything you own by hitting it!
  • Groups. It’s great! You can now create a group, talk to group members, and even turn off pvp for group members!
  • Death messages. The server detects when someone has been killed, showing who killed who with what at what distance.
  • No Durability. It sucks when things you’ve spent a lot of time on get destroyed, so we’ve changed that.
  • No fall damage. Want a sky base and don’t want to have stairs? Now you can!
  • Instacraft. It’s boring waiting around for stuff to get created, so now you don’t have too!
  • No Lag. We’re on a joint-host currently, but there’s minimal lag. We’re soon expecting to move to our own dedicated server.
  • Active Admins. Our admins are own every day, all day. We can even moderate the server from our mobiles/tablets.
  • Events. Every so often, we hold events for loot. You need to be there in able to win it!

What are you waiting for?

If you enjoy what you see, why not vote, and come and get some goodies!


This is a cool server guyz

Good server :slight_smile: