[LDJG] Lumber Dash Jack Gaming *UK* Rust Server

Server Browser Name: LDJG UKActiveAdmins*

Access out server by finding the Name in the server browser or direct connect using the below instructions!
When in the main menu open up your console screen by pressing F1 and type in the text bow the following;


Copy and paste will be easier and faster!
No Admin Abuse:
We hate it when admins ruin the game. We never cheat or use commands to get any extra gain in the game. We will teleport near a player if they are stuck (this has happened a few times) and teleport them out so they can continue playing.

Contact Us:
There are various admins that work on the server however if you have any problems please contact me by either Skype: Adamski0811 or Steam:patrick081193 aka Jimmy Smith

Server Downtime:
The server is only ever down for updates. The only other reason it may be down is if our host needs to have the servers turned off for maintenance however we WILL have a 99.99% uptime

Air Drops and Events:
Every two days (or more often/not as often) every active online player will receive a Supply Signal into their inventory. This is both a incentive and thank you for playing on our Rust server.

The server will always have the most up to date game on.

Rewards are given to good players. Whether they are just survivalists or Bandits. Play nice and don’t cause too much blood to be drawn.

Can no longer connect to this server.
Server was updated I assume?