Le Spy (Final Version)

Sorry for opening a new thread but I really gotta now what you think about the final version.


Kinda cool.

Certainly better then the original.

The arm looks a bit un-ergonomic.

Le bump
Need more critism

His other arm is just hanging there, it looks like he broke it or something.

What would you do with the other arm?

You can make it so the arm is rotated slightly, that way it will look as though he is actually holding it up, it also helps to move it a little a way from the body.

I know what you mean mate I tried it.
The result was a really bad clipping with his suit.

well then it’s fine, the pose is good and i like the editing.

Lol sorry if I am an anoying ass.
Thanks for your critism.
But I really tried to make it look real and without clipping shit so I let it be like that.

If anyone want to know how to say spy in french, is ‘‘espion’’.

Dont comment about the title, comment about the picture please.

Yeah, but then write “L’ESPION” with a ’ and not “Le espion” 'cause it doesn’t exist this way.

Oh my god.
Forget the thread title it was totally random.
Please comment about the picture!

don’t really like the way his arm is.

Okay okay, awesome.