Le Spy


yo,it´s cool.

Have a multi colored piece of wood!

Posing is a little odd. Smoke is quite good. Glow isn’t bad but it’s a bit too yellow.

for some reason it took forever to load…

Need moar critism

you know you didn’t have to bump it so early :stuck_out_tongue:

seriously now,IMO,it’s a bit bland…nice looking but bland

Yeah Maybe with a little bit dodge and burn it could have been better :frowning:
Any other tipps except dodge and burn?

I love the gun, the posing on it (Hands and arm) looks good.
But I agree with chesty, the glow on the cigar shouldnt be yellow.

I wanted the glow to be TF2-like but it seems like I failed :smug:
Ill take another color next time.
Good to hear that the posing is okay.

Dumb bump because I improved it.
Need critism plz

I personally dont like it as its just on a black background.

If it had one of the maps in the background or something like that id prefer it.

Its a desktop background thats why I prefer a black one.
But okay ill have a background in my next picture!