Lead Technician shouts to offscreen technicians as technicians attempt to fix console


God I love the skins Lt_C. does.

C&C etc.

Good, but I tought was funny video.
I am disappoint.


Made me think of Star trek and Battlestar Galactica and stuff for some reason.

Good posing and all that jazz. Intuitive(ish) use of the combine terminals.

I just hate seeing “offscreen” in the thread name. Makes me anticipate just posing one ragdoll while getting merit for a bigger scene. That said, this definitely isn’t an example of that.

I may have liked to have more of the lead technician’s arm in the cropping though.

Male 01 chin made me lol.

for those of us who don’t remember the citizen model serial numbers by heart, which one is that?

oh, and why, btw? I fail to find any of the chins funny.

Your avatar’s nice btw :D. I can’t keep my eyes of that face (as in facial expression), and I have a small furry inside of me too :P.

The black guy, but it’s really male_03.

lol, I rarely feel I’m the one who’s “credited” to say this, but lol nerds.

You’re really conscientous about your citizen #'s :stuck_out_tongue:

Still, I don’t find it all that funny… maybe it looks a bit like a double chin, but still not funny.

Well, yeah.

I didn’t understand a word of that.

It’s decent, seems like a Model show case to me.
Posing is good, but the blurred guy seemed unneeded.
I too don’t like off-screen things.