Hello Everyone

[HR][/HR]I am Larson McFerren. I play GMOD mostly when I am on steam and I run a group that is in dire need of leadership staff. It is a group that mainly works on various RP-Dark RP server as a Military/Humanitarian Aid.
With this though, I and others take this group very seriously and we are looking for people who will share that pride and desire of what we started with others.
I do not intend to say a lot here, but if you think you have what it takes to lead a group in servers as a leader please contact me using my steam.


I have a feeling that “Garry’s Mod General Discussion” slowly turns into “DarkRP Admins for Hire/Hiring Admins”.

This is not for a server if I did not make that clear. It is for a steam group that works on many different servers. I do not own a server.