Leading by example

Generic walking gunpose #-2234657732

Criticism will be appreciated

Nice, I like it a lot.

I don’t know why, but I love the stormtrooper helmet on the BLR guy.

This is a good example of using just the right amount of bloom. Only big pieces of criticism I have are that the floor looks way too flat (manually shading in photoshop might help fix that, but it would probably be way to time consuming) and the face down pose of the dead guy doesn’t seem right. Due to the nature of most collision models, it’s hard to do a good face down death pose. Having him face up or perhaps in another pose might have fared better, because as is he looks kind of silly. Like you had just spawned him and flipped him upside down with the physgun.

Other then that, it’s fantastic.

I don’t know what stormtrooper helmet you’re talking about. I just see BLR helmets.

I love how you added a track from one of my top favourite nostalgic games to this picture. Fits pretty well. And nice job on this, dude.

I’ve probably repeat somebody but the lightning is wonderful and with the conjunction of very moody bloom creates a perfect atmosphere, even if it might be “just a generic walking pose” everything screams quality.

What’s interesting is that I made that skingroup on the officers for pretty much exactly this type of picture. I’d ask if I could add it to the workshop page but people still ask where I got other BLR models I’ve had in other preview shots.

Really? Wow, what a coincidence.
Why not just post a link to the blr in the workshop description so they stop asking?

Also, if you want to add it, go right ahead. c:

That implies people on the workshop read the description before commenting (spoiler alert: they don’t).

For me, this is eye candy. Great lighting, amazing bloom work, and the shadows are awesome as well. If I had to say there was something off about it, it would be the blood in the room behind the officer. It looks like you used the paint tool to do it, but that’s me really nitpicking, and it doesn’t detract from the image at all. I think the title is accurate in more than one way. Good job, sir.

I kinda did
If I tried to make my own blood it would probably look a lot worse

Don’t know why, but I so get an “Aliens” vibe from this, this is top notch stuff man. Have a winner