League of Heroes Supports Freeman.


lol @ Batman

So you noticed that. Glad to see people are awake:)

Batman is funny, but the posing on the other superheroes is really bad.

Why is samus there?

The hero models are terrible made. Stiff and no facial posing. Very hard to work with.


She had kind of similar suit as Gordon, and I needed a chick for the batman gag. Unless you rather see he feels Gordons ass that is:)

I forgot to add that she is from Nintendo as Link is, so that was my little joke.

League of Heroes?

Justice League you mean. C:

Man I wish that superman model worked for me. I install it same as every other model but for some reason it never works.

You downloaded them the day they came out? or after… because Slow released a version that works better with Gmod and those werent so hard to pose :o

Funny pic btw :slight_smile:

I downloaded Marvel heroes megapack. Upload is 35 days old. I see there are single dl for each of the heroes. Perhaps those are better.