League of Legends Style Gamemode

[release]Gamemode Title: L33T of Legends

Description: All players start out with different weapons (not random) and as they get kills they receive money and can upgrade/buy a new weapon. Like League of Legends,
there will be different “champions” to choose from with all pros and cons for each. The possibilities are endless with this gamemode.

Teams: Each team will have a “minion” spawner that spawns NPCs and when destroyed the round is over and everything resets.

Abilities: Each player has 4 abilities and 1 passive. 3 of the abilities affect the damage of bullets and the 4th morphs you into a “ultimate champion”.

NOTE: This thread is set to change from time to time with additions.[/release]

I realy don’t get why people want a LoL gamemode in GMod as LoL is free to play.

I don’t know, to make their own champions?
Why do people want to make a Team Fortress 2 gamemode?

Make their own champions, make their own skills, style of gameplay, in my opinion a third person league of legends would be interesting to say the least, but as the thread sounds, it’ll be overhead, which will surely be interesting too.

It’s been tried, but with Dota.
Needless to say, never got past drawing board.

3rd person league of legends exists. Its called monday night combat

Why the fuck did we made this you think?

I think I wanna try some kind of thing like this :smiley:

Oh god, that ret.

Yeah,there was a project for GDOTA. It died long ago. The engine is not enough strong to be able to make GLoL.

It’s just that making SNPC’s are too difficult to create proper minions.

Just make them walk and attack enemies. I obviously know nothing lua related but I don’t imagine it’s too complex.

It’s just that tasks and schedules for NPC’s are broken as hell on Garry’s Mod, causing SNPC’s to be way more complex than they should be even if it’s a simple task of following an enemy and attacking them.

I believe that melee attack tasks don’t even register, you’d need to do the traces yourself and have a system that manages animation so that the NPC can attack again after their attack sequence is over.

I remember dabbling with SNPC’s before and they’re just a pain.


Broken? This sucks, but it explains why there are many snpcs out there.

A far more relevant issue is the fact that Garry’s Mod is not optimized for NPCs at all.

Any more than a dozen NPCs on a server with about as many people will basically drag the server down to a snail’s pace. It makes pretty much any gamemode that depends on NPCs to any degree whatsoever more or less undoable.

Is there some kind of download ?

Waow dude… Nice bump on a 1 and a half years ago thread :smiley:

lol I don’t even remember posting this. This was a dumb idea