Leak Buggy

The buggy from the half-life 2 leak.
The model is actually from Missing Infomation Mod, but it came from the leak originally.
I hexed it and gave it a script so it is drivable.

P.S. If anyone knows how to make spawn icons, could you pm me and make a few?

Pretty simple, might use it.

I know its simple but I get tired of the HL2 retail buggy and I’m a little obssesed with the leak models.

That’s actually pretty sweet.

Make the beta Jalopy.

I’m not a modeler, I just hexed and gave the buggy a script.
If you can find me the model I’ll add the script.

very nice

You should make A Deathrace buggy.

Once again, I’m not a modeler, give me a download link and I’ll see if I can add a script.

This looks a lot like the BF2 Buggy on garrysmod.org

It’s hardly Lua and you didn’t even make the model yourself. Did you ask MI for permission to use their ported model?

I know its hardly lua, its about all I can do. If I knew how to contact them I would, so no, but if they want me to remove it they merely have to send me a message. Altho from my understanding, MI mod is dead, so I doubt I’ll be getting a message from them anytime soon.

And besides that MI didn’t make the model, VALVe did.
MI just recompiled it.

Yeah, thanks for the info. I wasn’t really sure if I could release this, but it seems like it is legal as long as I give credit to VALVe and MI.

The beta’s legal info is hazy, but I think you could get away with it, and technically, while MI didn’t make the model and thus cannot ask you to remove this, you can shift the blame to them should a lawsuit ever come up (I highly doubt it)

On that note, do you think you could remove the gun from it somehow?

No, sorry. I’m a mapper, not a modeler. Don’t ask me to learn to model, I already have a workload with Highschool and more soon (hopefully).
But if you do know someone that can remove it than send me a message and I’ll see what I can do.
OR if someone reads this that is capable of doing so, send me a message because the gun annoys me aswell.

If you have a modeling program then you should be able to, my understanding is you just load the model and delete the part.

I don’t know either, but there is a script for a working jeep Gauss gun, maybe use that somehow?

I might be able to find the script in MI mod, but I’m too lazy to download the whole mod again. If I get motivated enough to do that I’ll make a seperate release.

EDIT: I found out I can make the gun functional, but I"ll need to offset the sitting position of the driver so you can see to aim! So that’s a “I’ll release it when I fix it”

Thirdperson driving :3

Sitting in First-person works better for aiming than sitting in third-person, but if you want to give it a try pm me and I’ll give you the replacement lua.