leak bullsquid reskin

I always loved the bullsquid, something about a two-legged land-squid of doom seems to get to me. When I first saw Half Life 2 Beta footage I was amazed they had redone the bullsquid. I never got the beta, mainly because its a two week download but I got my friend who had it to send me the bullsquid files, little did I know that the beta had an old source engine so the bullsquid would not load. I’m not a modeler, so I can’t rig it for source. I began to make a reskin for the highest quality bullsquid out there. After a while the first beta was done, it looked like it was from Team Fortress 2, but it still worked. After that I finished him, I was going to do his eyes but I thought they where fine as they where. Now for pictures:

Here he is, in all his glory.

His tail.

Him firing a spitball while being shot in the face.

New eyes!

Please do not bitch about the physgun.

Release : http://www.megaupload.com/?d=MWDWLSJB

Really nice, I bloody love the Beta. :v:

Cool reskin, I would release.

I probably will, I just want to know it would be worth it by seeing how many people request.

Why would it not be worth it?

Well I don’t think it would be very worth it if, say, two guys downloaded it.

You can’t know for sure unless you actually release it, don’t you think?

Good point… Here you go, http://www.megaupload.com/?d=MWDWLSJB

pukes Want a A++ Beta Model go to TacoNBanana Forums They have a High Def Houndeye AND Bullsquid Its Pweety

That model is not from the beta, it’s a ported of the HD models pack for HL1 that made GearBox for the port of HL1 to PS2. it’s reskined to look like the hl2 leak(beta) bullskid.

I never said it was from the beta, just made to look like it. Also that is not the Half Life source model.

Ughh… Dont spam here, also the TacoNBanana bullsquid is just a leak ragdoll, not a npc reskin like this.

Version 1.1 is now released, it actualy works now!