****leaked**** but no leaks?

Log is as such, explanation follows:

CDynamicFunction: Loading library 'Kernel32.dll' (748C0000)
CDynamicFunction: Lookup of 'TryEnterCriticalSection' in 'Kernel32.dll': 77D7BEF0

Running command: cd "C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Counter-Strike Global Offensive\bin"

Running command: "C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Counter-Strike Global Offensive\bin\vbsp.exe" -game "C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Counter-Strike Global Offensive\csgo" "c:\program files (x86)\steam\steamapps\common\counter-strike global offensive\sdk_content\maps\de_aztec_fix"

CDynamicFunction: Loading library 'Kernel32.dll' (748C0000)
CDynamicFunction: Lookup of 'TryEnterCriticalSection' in 'Kernel32.dll': 77D7BEF0
Valve Software - vbsp.exe (Aug  4 2016)
4 threads
CustomMaterialManager: Cached KeyValues materials/models/weapons/v_models/knife_butterfly/knife_butterfly.vmt.
CustomMaterialManager: Cached KeyValues materials/models/weapons/v_models/knife_bayonet/knife_bayonet.vmt.
CustomMaterialManager: Cached KeyValues materials/models/weapons/v_models/knife_ct/knife_ct.vmt.
CustomMaterialManager: Cached KeyValues materials/models/weapons/v_models/knife_flip/knife_flip.vmt.
CustomMaterialManager: Cached KeyValues materials/models/weapons/v_models/knife_gut/knife_gut.vmt.
CustomMaterialManager: Cached KeyValues materials/models/weapons/v_models/knife_karam/karam.vmt.
CustomMaterialManager: Cached KeyValues materials/models/weapons/v_models/knife_m9_bay/knife_m9_bay.vmt.
CustomMaterialManager: Cached KeyValues materials/models/weapons/v_models/knife_t/knife_t.vmt.
CustomMaterialManager: Cached KeyValues materials/models/weapons/v_models/knife_tactical/knife_tactical.vmt.
CustomMaterialManager: Cached KeyValues materials/models/weapons/v_models/mach_m249para/m249.vmt.
CustomMaterialManager: Cached KeyValues materials/models/weapons/v_models/mach_negev/mach_negev.vmt.
CustomMaterialManager: Cached KeyValues materials/models/weapons/v_models/pist_223/pist_223.vmt.
CustomMaterialManager: Cached KeyValues materials/models/weapons/v_models/pist_cz_75/pist_cz_75.vmt.
CustomMaterialManager: Cached KeyValues materials/models/weapons/v_models/pist_deagle/pist_deagle.vmt.
CustomMaterialManager: Cached KeyValues materials/models/weapons/v_models/pist_elite/m9a1.vmt.
CustomMaterialManager: Cached KeyValues materials/models/weapons/v_models/pist_fiveseven/fiveseven.vmt.
CustomMaterialManager: Cached KeyValues materials/models/weapons/v_models/pist_glock18/pist_glock18.vmt.
CustomMaterialManager: Cached KeyValues materials/models/weapons/v_models/pist_hkp2000/pist_hkp2000.vmt.
CustomMaterialManager: Cached KeyValues materials/models/weapons/v_models/pist_p250/p250.vmt.
CustomMaterialManager: Cached KeyValues materials/models/weapons/v_models/pist_tec9/pist_tec9.vmt.
CustomMaterialManager: Cached KeyValues materials/models/weapons/v_models/rif_ak47/ak47.vmt.
CustomMaterialManager: Cached KeyValues materials/models/weapons/v_models/rif_aug/rif_aug.vmt.
CustomMaterialManager: Cached KeyValues materials/models/weapons/v_models/rif_famas/rif_famas.vmt.
CustomMaterialManager: Cached KeyValues materials/models/weapons/v_models/rif_galilar/rif_galilar.vmt.
CustomMaterialManager: Cached KeyValues materials/models/weapons/v_models/rif_m4a1/rif_m4a1.vmt.
CustomMaterialManager: Cached KeyValues materials/models/weapons/v_models/rif_m4a1_s/rif_m4a1_s.vmt.
CustomMaterialManager: Cached KeyValues materials/models/weapons/v_models/rif_sg556/rif_sg556.vmt.
CustomMaterialManager: Cached KeyValues materials/models/weapons/v_models/shot_mag7/shot_mag7.vmt.
CustomMaterialManager: Cached KeyValues materials/models/weapons/v_models/shot_nova/shot_nova.vmt.
CustomMaterialManager: Cached KeyValues materials/models/weapons/v_models/shot_sawedoff/shot_sawedoff_01.vmt.
CustomMaterialManager: Cached KeyValues materials/models/weapons/v_models/shot_xm1014/shot_xm1014.vmt.
CustomMaterialManager: Cached KeyValues materials/models/weapons/v_models/smg_bizon/bizon.vmt.
CustomMaterialManager: Cached KeyValues materials/models/weapons/v_models/smg_mac10/smg_mac10_1.vmt.
CustomMaterialManager: Cached KeyValues materials/models/weapons/v_models/smg_mp7/smg_mp7.vmt.
CustomMaterialManager: Cached KeyValues materials/models/weapons/v_models/smg_mp9/smg_mp9.vmt.
CustomMaterialManager: Cached KeyValues materials/models/weapons/v_models/smg_p90/smg_p90.vmt.
CustomMaterialManager: Cached KeyValues materials/models/weapons/v_models/smg_ump45/smg_ump45.vmt.
CustomMaterialManager: Cached KeyValues materials/models/weapons/v_models/snip_awp/awp.vmt.
CustomMaterialManager: Cached KeyValues materials/models/weapons/v_models/snip_g3sg1/snip_g3sg1.vmt.
CustomMaterialManager: Cached KeyValues materials/models/weapons/v_models/snip_scar20/snip_scar20.vmt.
CustomMaterialManager: Cached KeyValues materials/models/weapons/v_models/snip_ssg08/snip_ssg08.vmt.
CustomMaterialManager: Cached KeyValues materials/models/weapons/v_models/snip_ssg08/snip_ssg08_scope.vmt.
CustomMaterialManager: Cached KeyValues materials/models/weapons/v_models/pist_revolver/pist_revolver.vmt.
CustomMaterialManager: Cached KeyValues materials/models/weapons/v_models/knife_falchion_advanced/knife_falchion_advanced.vmt.
CustomMaterialManager: Cached KeyValues materials/models/weapons/v_models/knife_push/knife_push.vmt.
CustomMaterialManager: Cached KeyValues materials/models/weapons/v_models/knife_survival_bowie/knife_survival_bowie.vmt.
materialPath: C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Counter-Strike Global Offensive\csgo\materials
Loading c:\program files (x86)\steam\steamapps\common\counter-strike global offensive\sdk_content\maps\de_aztec_fix.vmf
Map revision 2882
Patching WVT material: maps/de_aztec_fix/nature/blend_dirt_concrete_07_aztec_wvt_patch
Patching WVT material: maps/de_aztec_fix/gg_vietnam/vietnam_dirt_jungle_wvt_patch
Patching WVT material: maps/de_aztec_fix/nature/blend_dirt_roots_01_wvt_patch
Patching WVT material: maps/de_aztec_fix/nature/blendswampmud_aztec_wvt_patch
fixing up env_cubemap materials on brush sides...
ProcessBlock_Thread: 0...1...2...3...4...5...6...7...8...9...10 (1)
**** leaked ****
Processing areas...done (0)
Building Faces...error: material DE_AZTEC/TRIM64B_CHEAP doesn't have a $bottommaterial
error: material DE_AZTEC/TRIM64B_CHEAP doesn't have a $bottommaterial
error: material DE_AZTEC/TRIM64B_CHEAP doesn't have a $bottommaterial
error: material DE_AZTEC/TRIM64B_CHEAP doesn't have a $bottommaterial
error: material DE_AZTEC/TRIM64B_CHEAP doesn't have a $bottommaterial
done (0)
Chop Details...done (0)
Find Visible Detail Sides...
Merged 1554 detail faces...done (0)
Merging details...

DRASTIC MEMORY OVERFLOW: Fell out of small block heap!

done (1)
done (0)
Finding displacement neighbors...
Found a displacement edge abutting multiple other edges.
Finding lightmap sample positions...
Displacement Alpha : 0...1...2...3...4...5...6...7...8...9...10
Building Physics collision data...
done (0) (887724 bytes)
Placing detail props : 0...1...2...3...4...5...6...7...8...9...10
Water found with no water_lod_control entity, creating a default one.
Compacting texture/material tables...
Reduced 3862 texinfos to 2243
Reduced 44 texdatas to 39 (1318 bytes to 1087)
Writing c:\program files (x86)\steam\steamapps\common\counter-strike global offensive\sdk_content\maps\de_aztec_fix.bsp
5 seconds elapsed
CDynamicFunction: Closing library 'Kernel32.dll' (748C0000)

Running command: cd "C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Counter-Strike Global Offensive\bin"

Running command: "C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Counter-Strike Global Offensive\bin\vvis.exe" -fast -game "C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Counter-Strike Global Offensive\csgo" "c:\program files (x86)\steam\steamapps\common\counter-strike global offensive\sdk_content\maps\de_aztec_fix"

CDynamicFunction: Loading library 'Kernel32.dll' (748C0000)
CDynamicFunction: Lookup of 'TryEnterCriticalSection' in 'Kernel32.dll': 77D7BEF0
Valve Software - vvis.exe (Aug  4 2016)
fastvis = true
4 threads
reading c:\program files (x86)\steam\steamapps\common\counter-strike global offensive\sdk_content\maps\de_aztec_fix.bsp
reading c:\program files (x86)\steam\steamapps\common\counter-strike global offensive\sdk_content\maps\de_aztec_fix.prt
LoadPortals: couldn't read c:\program files (x86)\steam\steamapps\common\counter-strike global offensive\sdk_content\maps\de_aztec_fix.prt

Finished. Press a key to close.

As you can see I’m trying to join the meme of revamping valve maps, particularly aztec which i love stomping on t-side. I made sure everything was sealed, and Map>Load Pointfile yeilds no results.

And yes I have read the output, I’m not just posting because I’m a retard(although it is late). Nothing too drastic(no pun intended) except for a lone “**** leaked ****” in sickly yellow!(What I mean is, I’ve had drastic memory overflow before when making am maps and it didn’t cause me problems)

If anyone has a solution, it would be appreciated. I feel it’s important to have a new perspective on aztec(might even make a video essay about it).

BAD SOLUTION: put a big box around it

Did you seal your displacements?

Never quite saw this error before

[DRASTIC MEMORY OVERFLOW: Fell out of small block heap!

Yes. In my experience that particular error happens when I have way too many brushes(but lots of times it still builds).

Ah gotcha. Must be a lot of brushes in a small area.

Well, still you are faced and tasked into finding the leak error. vbsp is going to bitch and moan if something is leaking out to the world. Have you tried loading your point file to see if it points to where its bothering poor vBSP so much?

yes, it came up with a file manager so there’s not a leak hammer can find i guess.

if I put i big nodraw/skybox box around the level will that screw with optimization alot?

nvm that fixed it and it doesnt impact my fps much

A large skybox will have some problems with it. You may not notice it depending on your hardware setup, and things seem to run smoother in single player anyways.

But if that does fix it, you’re leaking somewhere that you just encapsulated with a skybox. Its best to troubleshoot these issues than to slap a bandaid on it.

I know, the problem is that I troubleshooted and I wan’t able to fix it. I knew the general area that was causing problems and sealed it up, which did not help.

Check the area with the leaks (the point file should be pointing at it) and see if any of the important blocks are func_detail. These wont seal the map and will result in a leak.

No offense, its a sloppy approach at your work. if you covered the entire map with it, your general area isn’t the problematic area. Narrow down the suspects.

Hes not get a pointer when he loads it up, as it does happen.

It’s an edit of aztec, so most of the work is done for me. I just added an extra layer of tools/toolsskybox around the map.

I genuinely hate to recommend this, but try the “box-in” method and see if you still get a leak when compiling. Please, please never release it like that though, it’s a horrible way to do it.

If it is likely a decompile, I wouldnt be surprised if there was some bad brushes in it. My experience with decompiling always results in me going through and checking the geometry to see if it didn’t make any bad brushes.

If you didn’t do this, most of the work is not done. Hense why its leaking. Still, its sloppy worksmanship to just slap a box around it and consider it done.

Did you bother reading, or …??

I used the vmf included, it’s not a decompile. (Consequently, it had an old light_environment and that made everything blue for a bit until I replaced it.)

yes very interesting. let me decipher it.

bruh i ran out of memory. i fell out of a small heap of blocks.

Hope this helped!


Since when did valve start releasing VMFs? I’m still going to put money on that it was decompiled.
If you could provide your vmf, i can take a look at it.

Question is why did vbsp overflow the memory. So no, it wasn’t helpful.

Hi! Were very sorry to hear the solution didnt work! Lets try these suggestions:

1: No shit
2: It was a joke

Valve released vmfs since the original source sdk was released, check sourcesdk_content. The csgo vmfs for some levels like cs_office are in csgo’s sdk.


ok so.

1: go into map>load pointfile. does a dialog box come up saying load default pointfile? if so, you have a leak via a hole in the map.
if no, then
2: have you used area portals? the wiki says they can return leaked if used inproperly.

" Bug:
If your map has no entities in it, for example, an info_player_start, areaportals (and the rest of the map, for that matter) will create unusual leaks. To fix this, be sure to have at least one kind of entity within your map."