Leaked Jupiter IV MESA Report, Comm. Miles Kilby, 19/6/97

yeah im out of here you made it too creepy.


It reminds me of Dead Space and I love Dead Space!

The short story was very nice, the images helped to get into the right mood. They made everything more creepy. You should probably try your hand at comics?
Very nice, 10/10, please keep doing more!

Really impressive, I’m enjoying each and every one of these that you post!

i am actually planning on doing a shortish comic related to this, but i know how easily those kinds of projects slip away and never get done. so this is basically just insurance that i will have actually produced something even if the full comic never gets made.

I know what you are talking about. Personally I always end up rushing my pictures, so they get done but are half-assed, shallow and content is missing which really is a shame. You should just make like, a panel a day or something even if it’s just minor progress but it will get done. Or work on 2 things at once, I haven’t tried that yet but maybe it helps not to get bored. It also helps if you are kind of stuck with 1 picture, not knowing what to add and the like.
Currently I am working on a picture and thinking up a concept for a comic. When I don’t know what to do with the picture I draw scribbles of the comic, a short story board, stuff like that! Kind of what you did here, a mini story that maybe leads up to something bigger.
Looking forward to the comic, if it gets made!

gave me the willies

please make more, this is awesome

That was a great read Cone, can’t wait to see more!

There must be more!

I like it, but in the first picture the two space guys look duped, at least, just too similar in pose, but that’s probably just from the suit itself. Good job though!


all these worlds are yours except europa

europa fhtagn