Leaks always

Hello, i start to remake a old 1.6 map (de_russka) I’m done, but when trying to compile i got always leaks trying to fix but they never end, i can fix it if i make my skybox around the entire map, but when trying to compile (full compile)
never ends compilation

Here is link of my vmf file, if any help me i will put on my description with big thanks : http://www.filedropper.com/denewrusska

You’ll have to upload all the models and textures you used, I’m getting a tonne of errors opening it up. But it looks like there’s holes in your skybox that you need to fill in to fix the leaks.

Looking at your vmf you will need to remake the sky box as it has gaps to the void also at the bottom of the map you have entity in the void, being as you didn’t include textures or models with the vmf i couldn’t give it a proper check but those are 2 things i found that need fixing :slight_smile:

http://www.filedropper.com/denewrusska_1 i think i put all textures

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Yep this is problem, but i trying to make only one big skybox (better for me) some tactical smokes and etc but VIS never complete on normal compile (only on Fast)

Essentially there’s too much open space that is making source have a fit, so you’ll need to either close the space off (thus closing potential smokes/flashes as you mentioned), reduce detail (high poly/expensive static props mainly if there are any) or optimise your map more with brush optimisation. Look at using areaportals and some more hint/skip brushes, although it seems the map already is pretty well optimised in that regard.

Trying lot of variants, all its good on fast compile, but when trying to make fully compile just freez on VIS waiting 8-10hrs and nothing happened… im out of ideas and i dont know how to fix. I’m going to close this project to much time and im almost done… to tired ;/


This is not a error with the software. Your map is very unoptimized and as a result the compile time is long. Find tutorials on how to optimize your map with func_detail and other methods.

tbh I guess its pretty good optimized


like Grenade Man says you need to optimise your map more start with http://www.optimization.interlopers.net/index.php?chapter=intro for info :slight_smile:

well, im done will close this project, trying a lot of times diffirent methods but nothing happened… whatever thanks for help if any want to optimized better can do id i dont have more power :slight_smile: working 2 weeks for this remake…