Leaks targeting random entities

I’m working on a map, that absolutely positively has no leaks. It’s a fucking box, for fuck’s sake, I don’t see how there’s a leak. Yet, when I put the compile log on the interloper’s compile log checker, it says that there are two leaks, one in the map, and one with entities. My entities aren’t touching the void, and when I delete the “leaked” entity, it targets another! What the fuck! This has never ever happened to me.

Hmm, post compile log, and maybe a Hammer Screen shot of the point file?

You cannot have multiple leaks in a compile log… And you obviously didn’t FIX THE LEAK, because for the last GODDAMN TIME, ENTITIES DO NOT CAUSE LEAKS. (Unless they are specifically in the void)

The entity is what DETECTS the leak. Deleting it will ** NOT ** fix it. Follow the OTHER END of the line and see where it goes into the void.

Displacements and brush entities don’t seal the map.

Oh yeah, and I forgot to say, the point file points to halfway up one of the corners, but there’s no leak there. I’ll get the compile log in a second


Yes, I named my map “Test”, I’m toying with point_viewcontrols.


Hey, you don’t have to be a cunt, I know that entities do not cause leaks. I’m only saying what the compile log checker is saying, so calm the fuck down.


(No, the inside of the map is not NoDraw, that’s the outside in the viewfinder. And if you ask about the clusterfuck of entities, no, none of them are overlapping.

turn that func_wall back into a world brush :stuck_out_tongue:

Fuck, I forgot about that, do I have to recreate it? (I accidentally tied it to a func_wall when I was creating it)

no, click the “to world” button

Yeah, that fixed it. Thanks.

You got all defensive and tried to back yourself up. Then you fell flat on your face. Most amusing.