Leaning Shark

Title could be a little misleading but this thing leans, and it looks like a shark with the fins in the back and the gray/blue colors. So here are some pictures and a video:



Wheels look REALLY weird, like they’re way too far from the chassis, but the body is quite sexy.

You should remake it to this:


Imo Boxy and looks stupid with wheels all the way out, tbh barely over a 5 min contraption in my books

I dunno… i love it xD
I love the body
I love the steering wheel

Bajarama, huh? I oughta download that.

You fail at uploading 1080p videos that doesn’t look exactly like 480p :v:


By the way I love it.


The steering wheel took my heart <3

I love it, don’t understand the negative comments.

The wheels are too far out… what’s not to understand about that?

The Wider the better. Keeps the car from rolling over…

Also how i likes mah women xD

The video is only 128mb, I wasn’t gonna spend another hour trying to upload this with my shitty upload speeds.

i was there when he was building it, it’s really very nice and well crafted. i love its seat.

Too much isn’t nice |:

Like this (Yes I know it’s fake):

Lol please remove that image Dx It’s hurting mah eyes…

it’s a suit lol

A suit specifically designed for eye gouging.

I thought it was good. Well done :smiley:

You best be trolling.

No, wait, you *are *trolling.




what if you were to hit a speed bump with that thing…:aaa:

Something that looks this pimped out doesn’t have to worry about speed bumps. It hovers 6 inches off the ground…I could just be making this up for no reason though.

I think this is awesome! it looks like it handles very well!