Leap motion and Garry's mod

Imagine the ability to have a new tool that would basically be a projection of whatever the Leap picks up and puts it into Gmod. As it, use your hand as a physgun, or whatever. In gmod it would be scaleable of course, meaning you can use it as a big 3D paddle, as an actual hand, or get a stick and smack shit around, actually possibly physically pick up and throw players with your ‘god hand’, or to build, etc. I know it would need MORE than just simple LUA but I think that would be literally the coolest thing.

I just want to discuss the possibilities, I know there is addons and additions out there that can connect the android to Gmod, and leap is basically a very interestingly powerful form of motion control, so going beyond that and actually creating a connection between that and gmod would be great.

Still waiting for my Leap to come in, in the meantime I just kind of fantasize stupidly.

In their trailer, they wet playing hl2 with it, so my guess is valve already put some implementation. Not sure with gmod though

I imagine thats just leap motion raw

I’m saying actually physically put your hand in the game as a giant hand so you can like, use your hands to pick up a truck and build :v:

Yes, but how detailed of a mesh do we need for a giant hand? Shouldn’t it also take the exact form of the users actual hands?

I’ve looked at the api a bit.
I might try making my first module just passing the raw data through to make gmod addons with it possible.

would be nice to have like… props mapped to certain fingers so you could be like a puppeteer controlling a constrained ragdoll…