Leap of defiance

I tried my best to make the scene look extremely similar to the original photo, I know I used a wehrmacht model but there are no East German soldier models anywhere.
Editing and overall composition may be a little mediocre but I tried my best. C&C really appreciated.




It’s a pity, that there aren’t Nationale Volksarmee soldiers, anyway, good job, mate.

It’s almost the same, NVA used WWII german uniforms till 1960’s or something, only the helmet and isignias were changed.

The uniforms of the GDR / East German did not have much difference to german uniforms from WWII (only the helmet is a bit wide)

anyway, I like the picture

Nice picture, only problem I have with it is the noise is coloured, it should be black and white. If you used photoshop to edit it, there should be an option that lets you put into black and white.


“Barbed wire can’t stop me *****es!”
Nice re-enactment.

Should have built a small map or take a DoD one, it almost never looks good when you paste a Gmod Ragdoll in front of a real life photo.
The pose is identical to the original though(even the helmet), props for that!

Fingerposing’s pretty bad. Uncheck the restrict movements thing and take your time on the fingers, they can really help make a pose feel natural. Your isolating could use more work; both the soldier and barbed wire look really jaggy.

Nah they changed them quite a bit later on. Remember that they had rain camo among other stuff, which was fairly common in warpac countries.

Well both look like they’re right, they had a uniform rain camo (reminds me of one of my dad’s shirts) :v:and other versions but I could not find, since many East German uniforms were similar to the Soviet and German Uniforms


and had a national version of the AK47 (MPi-AK-74)