Learning and Prototyping Maps for Deathmatch

Oh I have done that yeah definitely with stairs I have around on the map on the second floor. Right now I’m going to be working on another map soon as this one to me is a good basic one I’ve got for deathmatch as it doesn’t need to be too much.

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Got an update! Decided to upload a video due to the video size limit on the forums. This video shows off what the map looks like in its current state.

Yes I will sort out the lights when I get better ideas / work on my ideas, and yes the cubemaps are a bit iffy but I’m still learning the process of making them look nice for this map I’ve made.

(Help is much appreciated, dm me on discord! FrostPix#6722. Also add me if you need help, if i can help)

Also this map isn’t the only map I am working on, there is another post I’ve made for that new map and its updates which you might be interested in! so please go check it out! :heart: