Learning how to shoot

Hey guys,

I am totally done being that whiny noob that calls hacks every time he dies. Late last night i had a realization, “Maybe if I stopped bitching about how bad of a shot I am and just bit the bullet by actually learning how to shoot, I won’t die so much and might have a chance to get some kills!” Now that I have gotten some sleep and some coffee, this is a derp concept to me. My question is how do I control the kick on all the guns? When I shoot the kick is so strong, half of my shots are missing just over the hit box. It has become so bad that I have acquired a liking for the bow rather than any of the guns. I know to practice in the Battlefield servers, but when I attempt at playing on one, I end up dying at re-spawn (which really doesn’t teach me anything). I realize that learning how to shoot in Rust is an art, which means practice, however I feel that if there are any useful tips I should know about before practicing, I should probably know about them before going in. Before anyone attempts to troll me, please note that I have already trolled the hell out of myself while playing Rust and writing this, but if you come up with any unique and original trolls, I would love to hear it.
On a far more serious note, I would appreciate more tips than trolls.

Thank you in advance everyone, happy rusting! :slight_smile:

Nothing much to learn really. It works if you turn your sensitivity down, and when you aim don’t try and follow the player with your sights, let them run into your sights instead… That’s what I do and it helps. StreamUK posted a video on how to help your aim, you might want to check that out

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Here is the link to his video: http://forum.facepunch.com/showthread.php?t=1370330