learning how to work with face flexes, finger posing and eye posing

well i have been trying to learn how to accomplish this i tend to do standard rigs such as basic moving parts but always wondered how to do these tasks any willing fp user care to explain this to me ?

I use blender.

Luckily, i just so happen to have bookmarked a guide to ragdolling

Unfortunately, it’s for 3DS Max, but perhaps you can do similar things in Blender

Face flexes are shape keys, finger posing is just more bones and weights, and eye posing is just naming and applying the left+right eye materials.

Eyeposing is actually not just naming the eyeball materials but also setting the size and position of the “eyeball” values in the QC. Usually with the help of QC_eyes.

Fingerposing is essentially just having a similar rotation to valve finger bones and renaming the hand and finger bones to the ones on the valveBiped. ValveBiped.bip01_L_Hand and ValveBiped.Bip01_L_FingerXY (0 trough 42)